Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Only in Five Minutes

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Only in Five Minutes

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Only in Five Minutes

PayPal is the most convenient payment method for users to send and receive payments via digital wallets including buying bitcoins. After confirmed in November 2020, PayPal called as the best payments to buy bitcoin in an instant way.

If you want to buy bitcoin using PayPal, You must have one account PayPal that are premium account or the account has been verified. So how to buy bitcoin using PayPal a simple and very easy way?

Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Using Paxful

Paxful is a bitcoin marketplace with bring buyers and sellers together at the same time in that site. Buyers can buy bitcoin from that site based on market prices at the fluctuating price of bitcoin in the market world.

When the buyer and seller agree on the transaction then the funds will be deducted automatically, Paxful gives two

authentication for user with deposit funds in escrow. Buy bitcoin with PayPal use paxful, Buyers only need to have a verified paxful and PayPal account.

The following on below, How to buy bitcoin use paxful just in 5 minutes :
  • Log in your paxful account through by chrome or another browser.
  • Create an account with your email.
  • You can click BTC " Buy Bitcoin".
  • Click " Any Payment Method ", Then you can see all payments method based on local bank, cash application, Western Union as the main payment to be your selected.
  • You can click " Paypal " and scroll down until you can found reading sign buy.
  • In that platform, You must selection where's trusted seller. But you must choose seller that have positive feedback more than 100 feedback.
  • Next step you can enter amount to get started.
  • The last step, Click " Buy Now " and wait for five minutes you can found some instructions to complete the payments.
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