How to Cancel PayPal Payments on the App and Is it Works?

Thursday, April 21, 2022
How to Cancel PayPal Payments on the App and Is it Works?

How to Cancel PayPal Payments

PayPal makes easy to send money online and can be done by all users easily and only via a smartphone. To use PayPal, Users must first have a PayPal account by registering on the PayPal site page. After having a PayPal account, users can directly transact using PayPal without having to carry cash.

But what if the user cancels the payment when transacting using a PayPal account? And does it work?

Canceling a payment when transacting via a PayPal account can be done with a note: The recipient has not received the money that has entered his account.

After your money goes to the recipient's PayPal account, then you cannot cancel the PayPal transaction (but you still have several options to return it).

So How to Cancel PayPal Payments on The App and Is it Works?

If you send a PayPal payment but you notice the wrong amount sent? You can easily cancel certain PayPal payments before the recipient receives the money you are about to send.

To cancel it, you can't go through the PayPal application but you have to visit the PayPal site via a browser on your cellphone. The following are the steps :

1. Log into your PayPal account and click on the "Activity" tab at the top of your PayPal account screen.

2. Find a reference for the last payment you made.

3. Click the subscription number for that transaction.

4. Click "Cancel" under the Action column.

5. Click "Cancel Payment" to confirm that you want the payment to be canceled.

PayPal automatically withdraws the money that has been sent to send it to your PayPal account. You also need to check your email repeatedly to see the status of the refund confirmation that has been sent. However, all of these processes are not easy, it will take 1×24 hours for the process to be successful.

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