How to Dispute a Charge On PayPal For Consumer Problem-Solving?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

How to Dispute a Charge On PayPal For Consumer Problem-Solving???

How to Dispute a Charge On PayPal For Consumer

PayPal Dispute is a service intended for buyers when they want to submit a statement about dissatisfaction with a product or service that has been purchased through PayPal.

PayPal has the right to protect the security of buyers to avoid all forms of fraud when making purchases online. Buyers can submit disputes at the Resolution Center within 180 days of purchase.

A statement of dispute can be submitted by the buyer when the item ordered does not arrive or is very different from the description of the seller's item.

The buyer can then communicate the problem with the seller on the message board in the case. When making a dispute, the buyer has the right to ask for a refund or return the item if it does not match what is in the description.

So, How to Dispute a Charge On PayPal?

1. Login to PayPal Site in your browser.

2. Go to " Summary " on the top left of your PayPal account screen.

3. Choice anything transaction that you want to dispute.

4. Click " Report an Issue ".

5. If you have a problem (Not receiving item) Then you can click " I didn’t receive an Item I Purchased " or If you have a problem (the item received does not match the description) Click " I received an Item that wasn’t as described ".

6. Select or check the item name and attach proof of purchase when filling out the form. Then Fill in Any Sentence in the bottom column.

7. Click " Submit ".

8. After everything is done, you can go to the "Help" and "Resolution Center" pages to monitor the results of your dispute.

Keep in mind that PayPal will not charge a dispute fee when PayPal resolves it through the Braintree Gateway. However, you will be charged if the customer submits a claim directly through the issuer or bank account provider.

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