PayPal Customer Service Number Contact and How does to Contact them?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

PayPal Customer Service Number Contact and How does to Contact them?

For users of PayPal around the world, it seems that there is no need to worry when making transactions via PayPal because PayPal provides a 24-hour customer service in the form of a telephone number based on the user's region / country.

How do complain about customer service on PayPal?

1. A resolver is a free complaint resolution tool that connects consumers directly with a customer service provider who can resolve their complaints. With this you can submit and manage complaints and PayPal will provide solutions to your problems.

2. Try to phone PayPal head office.

For those of you who have problems related to all PayPal transactions,

You can try to contact the PayPal head office by calling at number =

1. Based of Singapore = +6565104584
2. Existing Customers = (888) 221-1161
3. Customer Service = +1 402-935-2050
4. If you are outside the U.S. = (402 ) 9352050 )
5. For Credit/Debit Cards = (855) 520-0991
6. Toll Free =(888) 221-1161
7. PayPal Cashback Master Card =(855) 520-0991
8. PayPal Extras MasterCard = (866) 300-6432

When making a phone call, you will be asked to mention your email, personal data, and phone number connected to your PayPal account to identify yourself.

3. Through Community Forum.

PayPal users who experience problems related to transaction disputes can be resolved through the customer complaint feature, namely; Site help center, PayPal community forum and resolution center. But you can't use it without logging into your PayPal account.

Community forums and resolution centers do not directly involve PayPal, meaning that users who are experiencing problems can fill out the form available on this forum page.

However, if you experience problems related to your account being locked or having funds withheld for no reason. You need to contact PayPal by talking by telephone.
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