PayPal vs Western Union Which is Better?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

PayPal vs Western Union Which is Better?

PayPal vs Western Union

Users have to know that PayPal and Western Union are money transfer services to various parts of the world in a short time. Both can send money quickly, safely and at affordable prices.


PayPal is a means of payment, transfer and receipt of money online as a virtual bank account. To be able to use PayPal users must register first to create a PayPal account.

PayPal presents three types of accounts for users based on their needs, the three accounts are; Business, Personal and Premier Accounts. Users usually use personal PayPal accounts because the registration process is easy, fast and the cost of each transaction is very cheap.

The advantage of using PayPal is that it can be used anywhere and anytime without having to leave the house, all types of transactions can be used quickly and safely and the cost of one transaction is relatively low.

Western Union

Western Union is a non-cash and cash financial transaction service for payments, receipts and purchases that users can make by visiting the nearest outlet.

Sending money via Western Union doesn't require a bank account, it's just that you need to go to the nearest outlet with your identity card and family card as a requirement for filling out the form provided by Western Union. The advantage of using Western Union is that you can easily get money in cash instantly at a moment's notice.

Which is better?

Western Union and PayPal have the same thing of function in a different way. Western is better for those who don't understand the world of digital finance because the transaction process from Western Union is far more practical.

While PayPal is very popular with young people, especially for those who like online transaction activities and PayPal is one of the best services to use.

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