What is a PayPal Address? And How its function on your PayPal account

Thursday, April 21, 2022
What is a PayPal Address? And How its function on your PayPal account

What is a PayPal Address

PayPal is an online payment that is very popular since launch in 1999. PayPal has a wide range of function as money accepting application and online payment that can reach foreign of countries. For users who want to have a PayPal account, a registration process is required to get that account.

What is a PayPal Address?

PayPal Address is an email address for registering a PayPal account. PayPal address serves as a user identify to verify a user's request to receive a valid payment.

PayPal requires users to verify their account by including additional proof of identity or proof of complete address. PayPal will send an authentication code to the user's email address as proof if the registered account is his personal account.

In addition, PayPal address provides security for users who like online shopping, for example delivery to the correct address according to a verified PayPal account and save proof of delivery in real time.

If the user wants to change the address on the PayPal account, click the "Delete" button on the Personal Information menu. Users can also change their primary email address if they forget their password by clicking on the button marked "Make this my primary email to receive notifications" next to one of your addresses.

However, users must remember that adding a PayPal address can only be done 2 times a month. If you keep making changes, your PayPal account will be blocked by itself even though there is a large amount of balance in your PayPal account.

How its function on your PayPal account?

If PayPal does not make rules for users by not entering email addresses or full addresses, because there will be more fraud and account hacking. PayPal address is usually used to send money or ask for money to another PayPal account.

When we know that the online world is a fictional world that's why PayPal tightens the use of applications by making personal data security clearly.

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